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The Garage Sale Trail is happening across two big weekends in November, 2023!

Garage Sale Trail is Australia’s festival of pre-loved stuff, dedicated to helping you extend the life of your stuff and find the ultimate pre-loved gem.

In 2022, over 300,000 Australians shopped or sold at more than 15,000 garage sales across the nation. Together, they extended the life of over 3 million kgs of stuff saving these items from landfill and maximising the value of all the energy and resources that goes in to making the stuff we buy. It’s the circular economy in action!

Garage Sale Trail is happening on 11th – 12th and 18th – 19th November 2023 and you can take part on one day or more. There are plenty of Tasmanian’s taking part in the festival, find out more here!

How to host a garage sale? Download the brochure below for your step-by-step guide!

How do I get involved?

You can get involved from anywhere in Australia, and take part on one day or more, over two big weekends, the 11th – 12th and 18th – 19th of November 2023. You don’t have to be a seller to be involved! With over three million items set free from cupboards, sheds and garages across the nation, you can shop epic stuff at retro prices on the Garage Sale Trail.

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