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Make a positive change Tasmania this Plastic Free July

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Make a positive change in Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July started in Western Australia and is catching on worldwide, including in Tasmania, with millions of people now taking part to avoid single-use plastics.

Take the challenge or make a change in whatever way you can to avoid or reduce single use plastic, for this month or forever!

Say ‘no thanks’ to plastic shopping bags, single-use water bottles, plastic straws, plastic food wrap and take away coffee cups and lids.


  • Bring your own reusable shopping bags, produce bags or choose a box.
  • Refill your drink bottle.
  • Buy and store food in reusable or compostable containers.
  • Choose to refuse plastic straws or use metal or paper alternatives.
  • Switch to shampoo bars instead of haircare in plastic bottles.
  • There are many plastic-free products and packaging available once you stop, look and rethink.
  • Find more ways to avoid and reduce waste at home, at work and at school here!

And remember… you can often recycle what can’t be avoided. Plastic recycling in Tasmania includes via your kerbside recycling bin and your Waste Transfer Station for some plastics such as milk and soft drink bottles and margarine containers. There are also soft plastic collection bins in Coles and Woolworths supermarkets, printer cartridge recycling via Planet Ark and special plastics recycling via TerraCycle.

C’mon Tasmania – take the Plastic Free July challenge at or simply make a change at home, at work or at school in whatever way possible.

Want to learn more about the impact of plastic on our environment?
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