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Ways to Reduce Waste Around Home

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From buying in bulk and using your own storage containers to choosing electric razors over disposable ones – this quick reference guide is packed full of ideas to reduce waste both in and around your home!

Download your own copy here and see which new ideas you can tackle next:

For ways to reduce food waste in the kitchen, check out Eat Well Tasmania’s Seasonal Eating Guides, they include great tips on how to Love your Leftovers and use all parts of Tasmania’s delicious produce.

Planning a renovation?

Before you start, check out these handy tips to avoid waste when extending, updating or renovating. There are so many second hand stores, tip shops, garage sales, online buy and swap groups and salvage yards across Tasmania, it’s easier than ever to choose to re-use:

How about a garden make-over?

More ideas here to give your garden some love in a low-waste way, from garden beds to paving and chicken coops to composting:

For more ideas on how to avoid, reduce, re-use and recycle at home, visit our At Home page.