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Waste Services for Bulky Items

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Local councils are acting to stop illegal dumping, with more affordable, safe and easy disposal options than ever before.

Fridges, car bodies, loads of rubbish, tyres, green waste and other bulky items can be safely disposed or recycled – and for less than you might think. Some councils also offer Hard Waste Collection days or Free Tip Disposal days to help with household clean-ups. Contact your council to see what services and assistance are available.

Here’s a summary of the bulk item waste services in your region:

Waste Services for Bulky Items in Northern TAS

Waste Services for Bulky Items in Southern TAS

Waste Services for Bulky Items in Cradle Coast TAS

There are also commercial recyclers in Tasmania that can take unwanted goods for a fee – search online to find businesses near you (and some are happy to travel and collect materials too).

Some scrap metal recyclers pay to receive disused cars and white goods; search online for Tasmanian scrap metal merchants.

Finding it difficult to physically move unwanted bulk items?

Commercial operators can be paid to take away unwanted goods. Household goods in usable condition may also be collected by some charities. Items posted on buy/sell/swap sites are also usually collected and may even be re-purposed or repaired.

Talk to a neighbour or friend about sharing a trailer load for disposal. Secure the load for transport and sort the materials in the trailer so they’re grouped together for quick and easy drop-off.

Seen rubbish dumped where it doesn’t belong?

Report dumping hotspots to your local council or EPA Tasmania and together we can find ways to stop illegal dumping and prevent waste items from harming Tasmania’s soil, waterways and environment.

Report it and let’s get it sorted!