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The Poulton Family’s Bread Bag Challenge

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The Poulton Family from Westbury are truly good sorts. The set themselves a Bread Bag Challenge: to reduce the volume of their household garbage so it fills no more than one bread bag per week.

The idea came after the family of four decided to start recycling their soft plastics via REDCycle at the supermarket. When they went to add a soft plastics collection bag at home they realised there wasn’t enough space for the regular garbage bag too and so they switched from a big garbage bag to a bread bag instead.

This temporary fix became a household challenge and before long they were composting, avoiding products with too much packaging, and sorting all kinds of recycling to keep their garbage waste to a minimum.

They’ve made so many changes for good that they’ve been able to fit their landfilled garbage in a bread bag every week for several months! It’s a great example of positive action and well deserving of being named overall winners in the 2019 North TAS Waste NoT Awards.

Doesn’t that inspire you to take up a Bread Bag Challenge too?


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