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Say ‘hi’ to the Southern Beaches Cleanup Group at Dodges Ferry. Their dedication to litter removal makes them truly good sorts!

For more than ten years, the volunteers have been meeting for a monthly collection of roadside rubbish along Old Forcett and Lewisham Roads.

The group began because they were inspired by two people, Judy and Genevieve, who had been picking up rubbish when out for walks for at least four years before them. They have kept it up because unfortunately litter from vehicles remains a problem in the area (as in other parts of Tasmania too).

Once the recyclables and rubbish have been picked up by the volunteers, it is collected by Council for safe disposal.

The group is part of Southern Beaches Landcare Coastcare and volunteers are welcome to join a Southern Beaches cleanup at any time: simply phone Sorell Council on 6269 0000.


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