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‘SORT Your Load’ North West Tasmania

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The Cradle Coast Waste Management Group (CCWMG) is encouraging residents to SORT their load before taking rubbish and recyclables to their local transfer station.

Packing your car or trailer in order of the transfer station drop off points will save you time and may even save you money.

Click on your Council below to view a map of your local transfer station:

Now there’s a good SORT!

Before you leave home, neatly and securely pack your recyclables and waste. Group the same types of materials together so it’s easy to drop them in the different bays.

Pack your trailer or ute to match the order that you’ll drop them off. Refer to the map for the order that materials are dropped off as you move around the Waste Transfer Station.

Separate your recyclables and waste. There are many materials that can now be recycled.  See what else you can recycle to reduce materials going into landfill.

By sorting your load, you’ll save yourself time and money and be doing your bit for Tassie.

Now there’s a good SORT!