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Reusable Vs Disposable Nappies – why make the switch?

In Hobart alone, every year approximately 466 tonnes – the equivalent of 100 full garbage trucks – of disposable nappies end up in McRobies Gully landfill. Multiply that across Tasmania and there are millions of disposable nappies being sent to landfill every year, each nappy taking hundreds of years to break down while producing methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

Disposable nappies are the 4th most prevalent material after food waste, plastic packaging and textiles collected as waste from Hobart homes and make up 5% of all residential waste collected.
Re-usable modern cloth nappies and wipes provide alternatives that are kinder on the planet and your hip pocket.

Download our free fact sheet to find out:
– What are modern cloth nappies?
– What about the cost?
– Are compostable disposable nappies an option?
– Low waste options for wipes
– Low waste options for breast (nursing) pads
– More helpful information and resources.

Download the factsheet here