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It’s what’s on the inside that matters – spread the word on excess packaging

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When rethinking waste in Tasmania, we’re aiming to avoid or reduce waste being created in the first place. Where it can’t be avoided, then the goal is to reuse or recycle whatever is possible.

Tasmania’s three regional Waste Management Groups and their local council members often hear from residents and businesses expressing their disappointment at the amount of unnecessary packaging used on fresh produce and other products, including from online shopping outlets.

Good manufacturers and retailers respond to what their customers want, so we’ve created an easy way for Tasmanians to have their views on packaging  heard.

Simply download one of these electronic postcards and email to the manufacturer, retailer or supplier.

Spread the word! Ask that they use less and waste less and together we can encourage a positive change.

If you’ve experienced wasteful packaging used on FRESH PRODUCE – here’s a simple message that you can email to the retailer or supplier

If you’ve experienced wasteful packaging on any OTHER PRODUCTS – here’s another message aimed at those manufacturers or suppliers.

These electronic postcards are in JPG (picture) format and so are also suitable for attaching to the ‘Contact Us’ forms sometimes found on business websites.