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Construction commences on the Dulverton Organics Transformation Project

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Monday 12th December 2022 saw the exciting commencement of the Dulverton Organics Transformation Project, also known as the DOT – which will transform composting on Tasmania’s North West Coast.

Members of the Dulverton Waste Management Board and Government members, owner representatives, industry partners and construction partners attended a groundbreaking ceremony to signify the construction phase of the DOT.

The upgrade will transform the current open-air compost system into an enclosed, fully controlled environment. Compost will be processed in enclosed tunnels, reducing the risk of odour nuisance to houses near the site, as all air will go through scrubbers and biofilters before release.

The DOT will also reduce the time to make the product and improve the consistency of the compost; which has proven to be a challenge through the recent wet seasons.

The new facility is designed to handle household organics as green bins roll out across the region, as well as processing factory food waste.

The DOT will benefit the region by:

  • Diverting landfill waste from approximately 44,000 households
  • Divert an estimated 50,000 tonnes of organic waste per year
  • Supporting regional agribusiness and food manufacturing to reach greenhouse and sustainability targets
  • Contributing significantly to positive environmental impacts, including helping achieve national and state waste diversion targets for organics.
A render of the completed DOT facility in Railton

This facility will create 102 new jobs in North West Tasmania, and underpin a further 1200 jobs in the region.

The DOT is an initiative of Dulverton Waste Management, an organisation long associated with environmentally sustainable landfill and organics recycling and providing consultation and advisory services to Tasmanians.

This project is made possible through financial support from both the Australian and State Governments. Dulverton is the recipient of a joint Grant of $9M, in recognition of this contribution to the future of Tasmanian waste management.

The facility is due to be completed in mid-2024. Project updates are available at the Dulverton Waste Management website.