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Dutchy and his work-team at Trawmanna are truly good sorts. Not only have they converted used 1.25L plastic bottles into a functional and stylish greenhouse, but they’ve also managed to salvage a wide range of materials to complete the job from a screen door, to bricks and old tent poles.

The idea to build a greenhouse from recycled materials was devised by the Circular Head Aboriginal Corp (CHAC) after Smithton won the 2018 National Tidy Town Award. While attending the Award ceremony, CHAC members were inspired by similar projects that combined waste minimisation with community nutrition and nurturing programs.

The plastic bottles greenhouse sits within a community garden at Trawmanna and will be a valuable addition for the young families who come together to raise fruit and vegetable seeds and propagate cuttings of native plants. The roof is half salvaged Perspex sheets and half plastic bottles, allowing for both wet and dry areas to suit different growing needs. The bottled-wall design also allows airflow while retaining warmth.
The unused part of the bottles are being converted into planter pots and waste cardboard is frequently used as a weed mat under pathways. The team has also been experimenting with mulched polystyrene waste and concrete to create insulated pavers for the hothouse floor.

What a great example of ingenuity that is turning trash into nutritious and tasty treasures!


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