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Tasmanian Good Sorts

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The Local Coffeehouse

The Local Coffeehouse in Huonville is a classic good sort kind of place.

Not only does this community-minded business sort their waste for kerbside and soft plastics recycling, but they also gather handy items such as jars and egg trays and promote their reuse in the café and via the Reduce Reuse Huon Valley group.

The menu is kept deliberately simple to minimise food waste and any food scraps either help feed their own livestock or go into compost at the nearby Honeywood Farm, along with the café’s compostable napkins. Coffee grounds are put aside for collection by local gardeners to enrich their soils.

It’s been a gradual journey to minimise waste at The Local, motivated by wanting to make a difference in practical and achievable ways. They’ve harnessed the local community where possible, using social media to find solutions for their waste and establish themselves as a TerraCycle collection point for hard-to-recycle items.

These simple but important actions have helped The Local reduce its garbage volume by around 75% – now there’s a good sort!
See how The Local goes about its business at

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